Development Support

Delivering creative and performant software solutions in industry leading languages and techniques, is a core tenant of our business. We focus on defining and executing a tailored engagement, from consulting to full application development support, which allows us to right fit the support you need today as well as being able to dynamically adjust to evolve with you as a teammate.

Semantic Development Support

Where we support all types of development needs, we have a unique arm of our business, which is focused on innovative development and usage of semantic technologies that allows the fusion of human process to machine execution.  Where we can certainly support ontological modeling, we understand how to leverage that model into an application suite.

Evaluation Support

Once a technology is built, ensuring that it operates as intended is key.  In many cases, it is difficult to step fart enough away to ensure a full coverage assessment.  Independent test and evaluation engagements allow us to provide a third party, external, unbiased review of your solution, with the eye on identifying strengths, and vulnerabilities, of both the architecture and implementation.  Our skilled evaluation team have extensive experience in performing table top reviews of systems and large enterprise solution architecture, component allocation and review, subsystem execution analysis, code analysis, and white and black box testing.


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